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Skelton is the first vendor partner of consulting services, management and exploitation Social Media
oriented for the world of football professionals and celebrities.


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Ready for the digital era

The access to information has changed. Communication has changed. The new media have reduced the gap with our idols. The club of your love, your favorite player, even your reference journalist, are now closer than ever. Their digital channels have become focus of attention of much closer and more powerful audiences, than traditional media mass.

In full bloom of this phenomenon Skelton was born. Since 2011, our agency has been growing with big clubs and athletes, helping them enhance their social media channels and to obtain a tangible return from them. We started in Madrid, and we have successfully expanded our presence to Latin American markets, developing campaigns in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

We implement actions using as support the official accounts of influencers.

We generate million direct impacts on each campaign

We involve the brands on the interactions between influencers and followers.

We create original, funny, cheerful and responsible discussions.

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The big brands trust us. Large agencies trust us. Being pioneers in the sector has given us the confidence of many players, clubs, journalists ... the goal, as always, is to preserve the value of our prescribers, tell interesting and believable stories, and generate successful campaigns suited to the digital age .

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Every day, millions of fans use social networks to comment, chat, discuss and learn about football.

Why social networks?
Social networking is the best environment to link personal and corporate attributes.
Success, sacrifice, health, respect, sportsmanship ...

Promotion #PES2014

PES2014 - Colo-Colo

Campaña de Skelton para la promoción del #PES2014 con los jugadores de Colo-Colo, Lucas Domínguez y Juan Delgado. #Konami #Chile

Posted by Skelton. on Viernes, 1 de enero de 2016

Promotion of PES 2014 with Colo-Colo players, Lucas Dominguez and Juan Delgado.

Huawei Fans Club y Huawei Mate S

Huawei - El Chiringuito

Campaña de Skelton en el programa de Mega, "El Chiringuito de Jugones", para la promoción del #Huawei Fans Club y del #Huawei Mate S.

Posted by Skelton. on Viernes, 1 de enero de 2016

Huawei Fans Club promotion and Huawei Mate S


PES2016 - El Chiringuito (2)

Campaña de Skelton para la promoción del #PES2016 en el programa de Mega, "El Chiringuito de Jugones".

Posted by Skelton. on Viernes, 1 de enero de 2016

PES 2016 promotion in Mega tv show 'El Chiringuito de Jugones'